May 8, 2015

About us

DG Ventures is a small firm with a variety of online business interests.  We invest and build upon ideas’s and people who are willing to make a change. Our portfolio ranges from the leisure industry, gifts, marketing, software design, geoarbitrage outsourcing, SEO and ecommerce and property.

Over the years our hardwork and dedication has not gone unnoticed

  1. ★ 2014 Won Ireland’s Best Established Business at the IBYE National Finals in Google HQ. 
  2. ★ 2014 Won the Regionals of Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur
  3. ★ 2014 Best Business in Westmeath with new product idea. 
  4. ★ 2014 Over-all Best Entrepreneur in Westmeath. 
  5. ★ 2013 Nominee for Best Emerging Business in the Midlands (Ireland). 
  6. ★ 2013 Nominated to represent Westmeath in the National Enterprise Awards.
Say "Hey" to some of the team..

Say “Hey” to some of the team..

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